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District 27 Forms
Nominations Member Resume D/27 Member Resume Form (fillable pdf form)
Treasurer Sales Tax Work Sheet (PDF) NC Sales Tax Worksheet (PDF)
  Sales Tax Work Sheet (XLS) NC Sales Tax Worksheet (XLS)
  D/27 Officers Expense Report D/27 Officers Expense Report (updated 07/15/16)
  D/27 General Expense Voucher D/27 General Expense Voucher (11/16/16)
Secretary Squadron Commander's Report Squadron Commander's Report - March 2018 (fillable Word document)
USPS Forms (Links to USPS Server)
Education Forms Chapman Award Forms and Instructions (Feb 06)
  ED-1 Local Board nominations(online)

  ED-17 Administration of Examinations for USPS Advanced Grades and Elective Courses (Mar 06)
  ED-26 Boating Course Answer Sheet (For illustration purposes only; not for student use) (Aug 01)
  ED-33 Examination Order Form (online)(Feb 05)
  ED-34 Squadron Report of Examination (online)(Dec 04)
  ED-46 Boating Course Registration (Aug 02)
  ED-6 Notice of Course Completions (For illustration purposes only)
  ED-80 SEO/ASEO Nominations(online) (Jun 01)
  HQ-800 Boating Class Information Submittal Form (On Line Submission)
  HQ-9A Return of Course Material (online)(Apr 04)
  Instructor Certification Initial Application Form Use this form for members qualifying for initial four-year certification.(online)
  Instructor Recertification Application Form Use this form for members completing the Certification Seminar.(online)
  Order Form Free Brochures (online)
  SOF Standard Order Form (online)(10 Nov 05)
  Teaching Aids Registration Form For Entries at the Annual Meeting Exhibition (online)(Aug 03)
Leadership Development OD-2 Squadron Officers and Committee Chairman Form
  OT-1 Order For Operation Training Material Form (OT-1)
  OT-2 Request for OTP Certificate of Completion (OT-2)
  OT-3 Request for LDP Certificate of Completion (OT-3)
Membership HQ 102 Personnel Change Report - Use for Address Change - Name Change - Report a Deceased Member - Report a Resignation.
  HQ 103 Application for Reinstatement - Use to Reinstate a Member - MUST have Member's Certificate Number.
  HQ 104 Application for Change of Membership Status - Use to Change a Member's Status (Active, Additional Active or Family) to a Different Classification.
  HQ 110 Letter of Transfer - Use to Transfer a Current Member to another Squadron/District.
  MemCom 1 Application for Membership - Use to Process a New Active, Additional Active, Family, Apprentice or Sea Scout Membership.
  MemCom 20 Membership Committee Requisition - Use to Order Materials including the Membership Manuals on CD.
  Squadron Non-Renewal Survey Squadron Survey Form for Non-Renewal Information - (RTF) Use to Record Data on Non-Renewals.
  Member Resume Member Resume/SIRS Interest and Skills Form - Online Database
Public Relations NPR101S Report from ED-46 info. Boating Class Enrollment Evaluation(HTML)
  NPR103 Order Form for Ordering PRO Supplies. Use this Form with the PR Catalog
Treasurer Bud-1 General Expense Voucher
  Bud-2a Travel Expense Voucher
VSC ANSC7012 Vessel Safety Check form
  Float Plan Float Plan Form
  VSC-1 Order Form
  VSC-2 Certified Vessel Examiners Form
  VSC-3 Online data submittal form